2021 Kickoff: You Can Be the Face of Change

Welcome to the 2021 Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA)! celebrate 60 years of the CFC with fireworks in the backgroundWe are so excited to invite you to be the face of change with us and help us launch this year's campaign and celebrate 60 years of federal workplace giving.

Our Virtual Kickoff Week is just around the corner, and we promise you will not want to miss this - you never know who may show up! The benefit to holding our kickoff event series means anyone can join - from wherever they may be. And that is the heart of the CFCNCA: whether we're near or far, a federal employee, member of the military, postal worker or retiree, a long-time veteran or new to the campaign, everyone and anyone can be a changemaker with us.

And that collective change starts with our Kickoff. See our itinerary and how to join below, and we'll see you there!

Tuesday, October 5, 11:00AM EDT.:   CFC 2021 Virtual Training for Campaign Workers (formerly known as "CFC 101").
| Webpage | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter you're invited image with picture of an envelope and CFC logo

Wednesday, October 6, 11:00AM EDT.:   You Can Be the Face of Change 2021 CFCNCA Kickoff Event. | Webpage | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter 

Thursday, October 7, 11:00AM EDT.:    CFCNCA Virtual Charity Panel. | Webpage | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter 

RSVP: Reserve your place and download calendar placeholders on Eventbrite here!

HOW TO WATCH: Either click any of the "webpage" or "youtube" mentions listed above and they'll take you to the watch page for each respective event. 

NOTE FOR D.O.D. MEMBERS: If you cannot access the video on our website or YouTube, you may be able to watch from our
Facebook or Twitter pages, which will host a non-YouTube version of the livestream.