Access to Healthcare Saves Lives: Rennette's Story

Providing Healthcare to Children in Haiti

13 year old Renette Salomon is part of the Life for a Child Program (LFAC), an international program sponsored in Haiti by FHADIMAC (the leading diabetes and hypertension organization in Haiti) for children with type 1 diabetes. The LFAC program provides young people in under-resourced countries with life-saving insulin and supplies. Hope for Haiti pays an annual fee that connects them to these resources for children with type 1 diabetes that come to their clinic. With many clinics and healthcare providers shut down the past few months due to civil unrest, many people with ongoing medical needs, like treatment for type 1 diabetes were unable to fill their medications.

Renette, was one of those people. Her mother, a ti machann (a small vendor) sells oranges at the public market and earns about 100 Haitian Gourdes (about$1) a day to provide the basics for her home and family. Due to the unrest and limited movement in Les Cayes, she wasn’t able to get Renette the medication she needed. This resulted in Renette falling into a coma three times within just two months.

As soon as Hope for Haiti found out that Renette was in the general hospital in her third coma, we immediately mobilized and responded to her mother’s urgent call for help - our logistics team worked out transportation and our finance team processed bills, so that our medical team was able to visit her, bring medications and enroll her in our referral program so we could support her hospital bills. During her hospitalization, Renette’s mother came every day to our Infirmary St. Etienne to get medications and IV for her daughter. Renette is home now and will continue to get the insulin from us. We also provided her family with fortified meal packs to relieve some of the financial burden her mother was facing.

This was just one of the cases that we supported during this challenging period, and only because of our team’s collaboration and resiliency that we were able to quickly respond and provide care to so many people who were desperate for medical care.

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Hope for Haiti
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Providing Healthcare to Children in Haiti
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