Alicia's Story

Alicia's Story

Lifting the spirits of up to 3,000 impoverished elementary school children per year is a cause worth supporting:

Alicia Aguilar was in 4th grade at Schuster Elementary, near Ft. Bliss military base, when she and her sister went to our Chapter House. She was told by her teacher that they were going on the bus to get new clothes. She remembers receiving a pair of jeans, sweatpants, underwear and a pair of new shoes. Alicia said, “It was so nice to get new clothes. At the time, I knew that my mom didn’t have the money for us to do a lot of things that my friends could do. But, I was excited and we were so happy with our new clothes”. She didn’t realize that her parents were struggling to provide for their growing family. Now, especially with the pandemic, she understands how families go through tough times and appreciates the clothing she received.

Alicia now volunteers at Capistrano Elementary. Last Tuesday, she assisted by taking children to the chapter house to get fitted for their new clothes. The trip brought back some special memories for her as she recalled entering the building so many years before. It was a happy childhood memory for her that she shared with the volunteers. At that time, Alicia lived in the northeast area of El Paso where approximately 9% of the elementary school population continues to be military connected.

We appreciate Alicia’s story and it is such a good feeling to know that our organization was there to help the Aguilar family and is still here helping the community.

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Assistance League of El Paso
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Alicia Aguilar
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School Photo Submitted by Alicia Aguilar