Angie's Story

Child Advocacy Center Success Story

You often hear about cases of sexual abuse that involve parents, coaches, or a trusted adult. “Angie’s” case was different. “Angie” was sexually abused by her older brother.
The Child Advocacy Center conducted a forensic interview with “Angie” and Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office observed with Department of Children’s Services. “Angie” disclosed that her older brother had been raping her for over a year and threatened to kill their mother if she told. He even showed her drawings of how he planned to murder their mom.
While their world was crashing around “Angie” and her mother, the Child Advocacy Center’s Family Services Program became a life preserver for their family.
The Family Services Coordinator provided crisis intervention counseling and case management to the mother. The Coordinator informed the mom about victims’ compensation, gave her the names of great therapists for her daughter, information on the child sexual abuse children’s groups and the non-offending parents groups, and the following written information:
* Child Advocacy Center Program Services and Darkness to Light 5 Steps Card
* Victim’s Compensation Brochure
* Child Sexual Abuse: A Resource Guide (Produced by You Have the Power)
* When Violence Hits Home Resource Guide (Produced by You Have the Power)
* The Crime Survivor’s Guide (Produced by You Have the Power)
* Individual Counseling referrals for Child Sexual Abuse Victims
* Family Counseling for the mother and daughter
The Family Services Coordinator referred “Angie” for a forensic medical exam at Our Kids Center. The medical exam indicated she acquired a STD from her rape and was able to be treated for the disease. The information told to Our Kids was consistent with the information she disclosed at the Child Advocacy Center.
The Family Services Coordinator referred “Angie” for counseling at an emergency mental health appointment. She then started attending individual counseling at the Guidance Center with a therapist trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Her mother, “Joy” continues to call the Child Advocacy Center on the crisis line periodically when she is in crisis and needs to talk or when she needs more information on community resources.
The brother has been arrested and is currently awaiting his sentencing date. Before her brother was arrested “Angie” was unable to sleep at night due to fear of him coming to kill her and her mother. Since he was arrested she no longer has issues sleeping and is no longer terrified he will come to the home.
“Joy” and her daughter began attending counseling individually and family counseling together. They have been in counseling for the last six months. “Angie’s” mother reported in the parent survey that she is learning coping skills, anger management skills, parenting after child sexual abuse and she is working through the trauma with her child. “Angie” is excelling in school this year and had a major breakthrough in individual counseling recently.

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