Arctic Refuge Experience

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Few will have the chance to see the majestic expanse of the Arctic Refuge in person or hear the sounds of a herd of caribou on the move, but in 2019, people in New York City, Washington, DC and San Francisco got an opportunity to do just that—in a limited run, one-of-a-kind immersive exhibit. Designed and promoted to attract young people in particular, the Arctic Refuge Experience introduced a new and creative way for thousands of people to feel, reflect and act together. In addition to bringing the power and significance of far-off lands closer to home, the Experience amplified the voices of our Gwich’in partners, built new relationships with conservation and social justice activists and helped them deliver a clear message to oil and gas companies that drilling anywhere in the Arctic is simply too risky.
By the end of the year, the Arctic Refuge Experience had reached 21 million people, engaged nearly 10,000 new activists, and motivated 12,000 actions to protect the Arctic Refuge including voicemails to Big Oil CEOs.

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The Wilderness Society
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Experience the magic of Alaska’s Arctic Refuge in your own backyard.
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The Wilderness Society