Brighter Days Ahead

Brighter Days Ahead: Dayna and Aaron

Due to COVID-19, Chambliss Center for Children limited its childcare services from March 21st through May 22nd, to provide care to the children of essential workers. In an unprecedented time, we chose to do what was best for our staff, our children, and their families. Thankfully, we still managed to be here for the families and children who needed us most. In addition to providing care for the children of essential workers, we continued to serve all of the foster families and the young adults in our Residential Program virtually and in-person using proper social distancing measures.
Below, Dayna, an essential worker and parent of a child at our main campus shares her experience and why it was so vital to have Chambliss Center for Children’s services during this difficult time.

“Chambliss Center for Children has been a second home to my son since he was 12 weeks old; he will be four in August. I am a single mom with little or no support to assist/help with Aaron on a daily basis.

Because I was able to utilize the service for essential workers here at Chambliss Center for Children, I have been able to continue to pay my bills and provide for Aaron and I without having to borrow money or face the potential of losing our home. I would have only been able to provide and pay bills for approximately 10 days without child care.

When I brought Aaron to Chambliss Center for Children in 2016, I had recently walked away from an abusive relationship and did not have a home, a job, a car, or even a dollar to my name. I carried my son (six weeks old), and we walked away with only the bags we could carry. Staying with family and borrowing a vehicle, I was referred to Chambliss Center for Children, and when they offered us a spot, it was life changing for me. I was able to get a job, buy a car, eventually rent an apartment and was able to furnish it over time.

All of that I could have lost again had I not had the assistance and help of Chambliss Center for Children during a very scary time. For me, when I think about how hard I worked these past few years to provide and build us a home, it frightened me to think that because I live paycheck-to-paycheck, I could lose it all again if I missed even two checks. I have not missed a single check, and we have continued to thrive. For that I am SO very thankful! Aaron is always given the best care, and as a mother, I leave him daily with a peace of mind knowing he is in great hands.

My son has NEVER done without, and we are so blessed to be a part of Chambliss Center for Children. I thank God daily that we found Chambliss Center for Children when we did and for all his many blessings that have fallen into place for us since joining the Chambliss Center for Children Family!”

-Dayna, Chambliss Center for Children Parent

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Dayna with her son, Aaron, in a sunflower field
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