Burned Dog Saved at Charleston Animal Society

Burned Dog Saved at Charleston Animal Society Thanks to You

Just before the coronavirus outbreak, a dog named Harvey was brought to Charleston Animal Society with burns over half of his body.

He suffered through incredible pain, but with the expert care of Charleston Animal Society’s medical team – Harvey pulled through. It’s a story like so many that your donations through the Combined Federal Campaign help make possible!

The entire staff found his story so inspiring that on the day he left the shelter for his new home, everyone lined up outside to give him a final hero’s farewell. Harvey, now named Javier, walked past each staff member who stood six feet apart wearing masks. It was an unforgettable experience for all.

Javier’s incredible spirit continues to inspire through the pandemic. “Everybody loves him” says his new Dad Stephan Looney. “He’s famous in the neighborhood. Everyone asks, ‘Is that the burned dog from the news?’ He’s got a big fan club.”

It’s still a mystery on how Javier was burned, but the nightmares persist. “He’ll go to sleep and suddenly his legs move like he’s running and then the whimpering begins,” Looney says. “Then he growls and ends up screaming. As fast as we can, we wake him up and he immediately jumps straight up and buries his face in my armpit and starts wagging his tail. It reminds him that he’s safe and that the horror of his previous life is over.”

Through the COVID-19 crisis, Javier has added a new dimension to the Looney family. They spend more time together because of Javier, who has them walking 6-7 miles a day (9 on weekends)! “Yea, he’s prevented me from getting lazy,” says Looney.

Javier has also learned to play. Looney says when Javier first got a ball, he didn’t know what to do. But watching this amazing dog discover joy again has been a wonderful thing to see during these strange times we are living through.

Please help us make more miracles like Javier’s come true! Please give through the CFC and select Charleston Animal Society as your charity, #81775.

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Charleston Animal Society
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Javier, burned over 50% of his body is now living a happy life thanks to you!
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Jeanne Taylor