Cancer Support Community Central NJ-Stephanie's Story

Family Programs at CSCCNJ

After Stephanie’s breast cancer diagnosis, before she, her husband, and two boys (ages 6 and 10) began attending CSCCNJ programs, her older son was leaving class to go to school nurse frequently during the school day and reporting he had stomach aches and headaches. She often had to take time from her recovery to come pick him up from school or encourage him to go back to class. He was also acting out more at home in angry and inappropriate ways. After attendance at Big Talk/Small Talk support group, the Halloween Party, Holiday Party, and Mini Chefs (simple, healthy cooking for children) sessions, she observed her son using the breathing relaxation techniques he had learned at CSCCNJ to manage his anger over losing a board game to his sibling. This child used a coping tool in a “normal” experience that he learned through the lens of social and emotional support for cancer, then applied to other life circumstances.

In Her Own Words...

“We were introduced to the Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey (CSCCNJ) in September 2018 shortly after my cancer diagnosis. Everyone at CSCCNJ has been supportive as my family and I dealt with having cancer. From the first meeting with Jesse to meet my sons, to the Halloween party and the holiday party, to the Big Talk, Small Talk program, everyone has been so kind, caring and compassionate. These programs have been so important for my family. It has been so helpful to me to know that I’m not alone on this journey and to be able to share with other parents how similar or different our journeys are as parents with cancer. They have helped my sons to know that they aren’t the only kids who have a parent with cancer and have helped them express their feelings about my having cancer.”

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Kids Working Together at Hope Camp
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