A Clarion Call to Action! A Reading Crisis in our Country.

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There’s a reading crisis in our country! Third graders who are not proficient in reading by year-end, are statistically slated for prison. As a result, the average reading level of a prison inmate is third grade. Further, a 2019 study reveals that 78% of Maryland’s Black 4th graders were not proficient in reading. That means 78% of Maryland’s Black fourth graders are statistically slated for prison! This is a crisis and presents a very clear Clarion Call to Action!
Moreover, some states aggressively arrest the low literate. Maryland has the highest incarceration rate of Black males between the ages of 18-24, in the Country! Maryland beat every other state, even those with higher Black populations, like Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. This means when the low literate students ‘finish’ 12th grade at 18 years old, in Maryland, they are at extreme risk of incarceration; presenting an even greater urgency to our Call to Action!
Answer our Call to Action by supporting The Clarion Call “Read To Lead Campaign” designed to mitigate this crisis. We coach youth to reach grade-level reading proficiency or better. The Read to Lead Campaign is an innovative reading program that utilizes technology and personal intervention. The program is flexible, scalable, and measurable. With your financial help, we can reach hundreds, even thousands, of students.
Become a Donor at the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level and provide one-on-one reading support to a child between the 2nd and 12th grade. Our virtual approach to supporting students provides three one-hour reading sessions per week, per child. Donor Levels are:
• Bronze $100, 1mo/12 sessions;
• Silver $300, 3mo/36 sessions;
• Gold $600, 6mo/72 sessions;
• Platinum $1200, 12mo/144 sessions.
Become a Sponsor. For greater impact, donate to support two or more children at the Platinum level and provide 12 months of reading sessions for each student you sponsor! Sponsor levels are:
• Friend, 2 students;
• Supporter – 4 students;
• Sustainer – 6 students;
• Advocate – 8 students;
• Ambassador – 10 students;
• Partner – 12 students;
• Angel – 14 students or more.
Volunteer. In addition to providing financial support, you can answer our Call to Action as a Volunteer with just three hours a week; from home! We need volunteers to serve as Learning Coaches to work with youth through our virtual learning platform. Learning Coaches will play a vital role in motivating and encouraging students as they master our curriculum and improve their reading proficiency.

Will you answer our Call to Action? Please donate to fund the Read to Lead Campaign and volunteer your time today! Your support could make the difference between a path toward prison or a path toward college for underserved youth.
For more information, please visit our website: http://www.TheClarionCall.info/what-we-do/read-to-lead/

As Host of The Clarion Call TV Show, Ms. Liggins has produced 65 shows. The TV show is a tool used to further facilitate community education and engagement. Ms. Liggins has hosted guests from Congress, the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, county agency directors, nonprofit leaders, returned citizens, and youth who are achieving significant accomplishments. She has hosted panel discussions to address mental health, police-community relations, mass incarceration, and more. We organized two town halls, one on mass incarceration, and one on police relations; both with co-host Bowie State University. Through our Community Education and Engagement efforts, we have hosted over 600 individuals in community forums and events around the Washington Metropolitan Area to help families understand and guard against systemic community challenges.

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