Cuerpo Voluntario de Servicios Médicos de Emergencia, Inc.

Hatillo from the Heart

On the morning of June 8, 2020 an elderly woman and her son visited our dispatch office located in the town of Hatillo, P.R. soliciting aid. They had come to our office walking approximately 2 miles under the Puerto Rican hot sun. After conducting an interview, she informed us she didn’t have any food in her home and that they haven’t eaten. Emergency medical technicians Daniel Negron and Angel Ramos offered to get them breakfast at a local bakery, which they accepted thankfully. We contacted our administrator Ms. Barrios to authorize us to utilize funds from our company Cuerpo Voluntario de Servicios Médicos de Emergencia, Inc. account. After being granted permission; myself Luis Astor, dispatch supervisor and Lourdes Rivera, our company’s patient coordinator headed over to a nearby supermarket and picked up essential items and food for this family. We also supplied the family of two with rubbing alcohol, sufficient surgical face mask and sterile gloves to take home. While at the dispatch the elderly woman was evaluated by our team, making sure she was okay to go home. The family had shared with us that during the pandemic of Covid-19 it has been very hard for them to seek help due to their lack of transportation and economic means. We escorted the family safely home, where they expressed great gratitude for our gesture. At C.V.S.M.E. Inc. we truly believe that helping others may just be the secret to living a life that is not only happier, but productive, and meaningful. Our passion is the foundation for our giving.

Charity Name
Cuerpo de Voluntarios de Servicios Medicos Emergencias Inc.
Photo Caption
Lourdes Rivera, Daniel Negron, & Angel Ramos; alongside the elderly woman and her son, at the dispatch office located in Hatillo, P.R.
Photo Credit
EMT, Luis Astor