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Filter training in Honduras

His Hands Mission International began in 2007 in the small Honduran, mountain village of El Paraiso. After visiting for many years on short term medical mission trips, Joel Aycock saw the great need for clean water throughout the mountain communities. He started His Hands Mission International to be able to provide clean water, through the use of Biosand water filters, to the people of Honduras. Through this clean water project, His Hands Mission International has been able to provide clean water to tens of thousands of people throughout Honduras. Because of the relationships they have been able to make through this project, they have been able to plant churches and have discipleship training classes all throughout Honduras. The ministry has grown yeah by year. Starting with one small water filter project in one mountain village in Honduras, His Hands Mission International now works in 5 regions throughout Honduras covering 100s of villages as well as multiple countries throughout Central America. His Hands has also been able to use the growth of the ministry to be able to train local Hondurans who have a heart for Jesus and a heart for their people.
A couple of years ago, His Hands started a new project in the village of La Vegona. This project was a water filter project almost exactly like the filter projects we have been doing since the ministry began. The only difference... The people from the community would make their own filters. We have always been looking for more and better ways to empower the local people we serve and support them in their work. We decided it was time for us to take a leap of faith and try to teach the village of La Vegona how to make their own filters. Delio, Edgar, and Mario, three Honduran men who work full time in the ministry, traveled to this community with one of our molds and stayed with them for 3 days. During this time, they explained the importance of clean water, what the filter is, how to make it and how to take care of it. They were also able to share the gospel before, during, and after the filter classes and they saw 6 people come to Christ. When they left, they left the mold with the leader. Our deal was, if they wanted a filter they would have to make their own and we would come and install it at a later date. Fast forward 3 1/2 months. 36 filters were made by the community and installed in each home of this village. We were even able to take a group from the US to have a devotional time, install filters, and pray for a sick, bedridden girl. It was exciting to see the joy on the people faces when they would point to their filter that they made and say "this one is mine." There were a lot of first concerning this project. It was the first time Delio, Edgar, and Mario trained anyone by themselves without Joel there and it was the first time His Hands had left a mold somewhere not really knowing if it would be there when they went back to visit. This project worked better than we could have imagined and we have continued to use this idea of training the local people in order to expand our ministry. Being able to go back and install filters in this village has allowed us to build the relationship needed to be effective in sharing the Gospel. After only 3 1/2 months of bible studies and working in this village, they have already started asking about planting the first evangelical church in this village. Not only this, but they mentioned that there is another community about 30 minutes form their village and they want to be the ones to help bring water filters to them. They said it was too good of a project to not share with someone else. Our work of water filters projects, relationships, and discipling people in Jesus Christ makes the work of His Hands Mission International both important and expandable to places all over the world.

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His Hands Mission International
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Admiring the first filter out of the mold during the filter training class.
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Joel Aycock