Family Finds the Help They Need

Family In Need Gets Help

Imagine that you’ve fallen on hard times and can’t make ends meet. You try everything you can but nothing works; in an effort to start over, you make arrangements to move to a new town. You line up a job and a place to live. Finally, you’re ready to go. So, you load your family onto a bus, begin the journey to the new place and arrive filled with hope. But the person you’ve arranged to meet never shows up; the job doesn’t happen...the place to live? A dream. Instead you are stranded in the middle of the night in the rain. A tragic, but true story....

Recently, a man, his pregnant wife, and their two children (ages four and five) came to our family shelter after being left stranded at a bus station. It is difficult to imagine their sense of despair, but they refused to give up. Instead, they quickly worked to establish a home of their own. The father soon found employment at a security company, and their five year old enrolled in school. Since opening our family shelter 5 years ago, we have been able to shorten the average stay for families and help them transition from shelter to safe, more permanent housing in a matter of a few short weeks. Being an organization that has been serving the Chattanooga community for 40 years, we were able to connect with a community partner to help this family with housing. We were able to move this family of four into a home of their own in just 16 days! As you can imagine, this family is incredibly grateful that their tragic story had a happy ending. The causes of homelessness can be beyond anyone’s control, but through your support, we can continue to offer help and hope.

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Chattanooga Community Kitchen / Chattanooga Church Ministries, Inc
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Family In Need Gets Help
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