"Feed Fido & Fluffy" HWAH Pet Pantry

Mark and Pat with Pet Pantry deliveries ready to go

"Feed Fido & Fluffy" HWAH Pet Pantry

We were humbled by the generosity of so many friends and followers who donated the essential supplies we needed to take care of our residents at the beginning of the pandemic. Your generous support led us to believe that with your assistance, we could also help needy families feed their pets during this difficult time. And so, the "Feed Fido and Fluffy" HWAH Pet Pantry was born!
We connected with organizations in our area already delivering groceries to shut-ins and families in need, and they added a pet food option to their delivery. On May 6, our first distribution to these local food banks was 200 lbs. of kibble, and more than 150 cans of dog and cat food, and we soon doubled our distribution.

With the help of some of our rescue partners (Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue, LovePaws, Brew Beagles, PetConnect, K-9 Lifesavers, and others), we were also able to provide food to many low-income pet parents. As your donations continued to come in over the summer, we expanded the program to assist seniors and disabled folks living in low-income independent living facilities.
So so so so so excited!!!! This week Pat and Mark worked crazy hard to help distribute most of our Pet Pantry supply to pups and kitties of those in need!!!

Thanks to Pat and Mark and all of our generous donors to the Pet Pantry, several carloads of dry and canned dog food and cat food are on their way to fill the tummies of hungry pets in the DC metropolitan and rural Virginia area.

It’s a great feeling to know that this will help families keep their pets during these difficult economic times!

Together with the help of YOU, our supporters we are truly living our mottos - Love Lives Here and KINDNESS COUNTS!!!!

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House with a Heart Pet Sanctuary
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Our volunteers, Pat and Mark are ready to deliver food and pet supplies to needy families
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Emily Zea