Finding Forest Owls Research Program

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Our Forest Owl Study—includes twelve weeks of fieldwork studying small owl communities and the tree hollows they use to nest and roost in the forests of southeast Arizona and northern Utah. This is a collaborative project between HawkWatch International and Earthwatch Institute. We usually have 75 citizen scientists joined us in the field to search for and monitor territories and nests, map tree hollows, conduct night surveys, and band owls--this effort wouldn’t be possible without them! We also have teens take part in the program, it is always fun and rewarding to introduce future decision makers to wildlife, science, and wild public spaces. We gather data on ~ 60 cavity plots and trap and band individual owls of five different species (Elf, Flammulated, Northern Saw-whet, Western Screech, and Whiskered Screech). Most exciting and informative among these are our re-encounters of owls from previous seasons.

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Forest Owl
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