First Coast No More Homeless Pets: Serving Pets and the People They Love

Sgt. Priscilla Allen, a former FCNMHP team member, at our

First Coast No More Homeless Pets has been part of the Northeast Florida community for over twenty years.

Throughout that time, our friends in the United States Navy, their brothers and sisters across the other military branches, and those who serve as part of our federal workforce, have known they can count on us in good and bad times at our non-profit regional safety net veterinary hospital and our spay neuter clinic, one of the largest in the nation.

Over 90,000 people are stationed at, or employed on, the bases across our region. Just as their job is to keep us all secure, our mission is to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care as well, as meaningful community animal welfare programs to them and everyone else in our community.

We are a safety net for people who might not have anywhere else to turn because they do not have the financial capacity to pay for care. FCNMHP provides veterinary care at prices that are often far less than those charged by traditional practices. We also offer a range of financing options and a program of charitable care that makes sure anyone who needs our support gets it: full stop!

We are proud to serve our neighbors in uniform and so many of their stories touch our hearts. We are gratified to share just a couple of these stories but we can tell you they happen most every day.

Kodi was staying with a sailor’s good friend while his owner was deployed at sea. While this big boy enjoyed his walks and time at the dog park, Kodi was counting the days until his “ship came in.” Unfortunately, Kodi got into a fight at the dog park and came out on the wrong end.

Suffering multiple injuries, the sailor’s friend rushed the dog to FCNMHP, and his many injuries were treated. The friend was in a panic but thanks to our emergency care, Kodi recovered and everyone was eventually reunited.

Sometimes the stories are not so dramatic but simply one of trust that keeps our clients coming back. We worked with U.S. Navy Security Officer Nann when she adopted Ringo after he was found injured and abandoned two years ago. Now healthy and strong, Ringo and Officer Nann came in for their routine physical this month. Visits like this are a homecoming for our employees, and they take joy in seeing the amazing progress of so many pets and the people they love.

Whether for routine care or emergency care, the many people who support us as volunteers or employees – like Priscilla who was featured in our video – help make sure that you and the people in our community never have to make the choice of feeding your families or getting the urgent care your pets need. We are proud to say that 88 cents of every dollar raised through the CFC campaign goes directly into programs and services.

Your support makes everything possible.

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