From Homeless to Hope

5 Years Clean and Sober

Meet Wilson. He was a convicted felon controlled by his addiction until he came to Waterfront in 2013 wanting to turn his life around. He’d served time. He’d burned bridges with his family. He’d hit rock bottom. Over several months, Waterfront helped Wilson restore relationships with his family, get a job, and realize his potential as a hard-working, self-sufficient, honest man. Today, Wilson has had the same job for 7+ years, has a remarkable wife, and is the father of an amazing little boy! He now helps others find their path of recovery, self-worth, and restoration!
Because of you, lives like Wilson’s are changed each day at Waterfront.
The ultimate goal of Waterfront Rescue Mission is to meet homeless and addicted individuals where they are and to help them address life-dominating issues by equipping them to be overcomers and to be responsible, educated, skilled, self-sufficient citizens who realize their God-given value. Tens of thousands of individuals have benefited from the work of Waterfront over the past 71+ years.
Waterfront has assisted homeless individuals since 1949 by first providing for their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, and safety. Once stabilized, men are encouraged to examine the causes of their homelessness. Staff help men address their individual needs by providing needed skills and by measuring results in housing, employment/financial, substance abuse/use, physical health, mental health, transportation, family relationships, cognitive skills, social relations, and faith and spirituality. Results matter, and lives are being changed!
• Overnight Shelter – Waterfront provides homeless men with a safe, warm place to sleep, a nutritious breakfast and dinner, a shower, and clothing.
• Veterans’ Care Services – Waterfront partners with the VA to help homeless veterans secure eligible benefits, such as pension, housing, and medical assistance. The average stay of veterans is 40 days as they await housing or benefits.
• Chronically Homeless – Waterfront provides a dorm and help to those who have been homeless for more than a year or have had four episodes of homelessness in the last three years, by connecting them with supporting organizations to help them become productive individuals.
• Working Homeless Dormitory – Waterfront provides a safe, warm place to stay for the homeless who are already employed and just need to save enough money to secure their own residence.
• Work Training Program – Waterfront extends additional care to clients who are residing at Waterfront as they work in various positions that are critical to the overall operation of the Men’s Shelter. The goal in this 45-day program is to help clients gain life and job-readiness skills that will help them secure employment, which will lead to a stable and self-supportable housing arrangement.
• Recuperation Dormitory – Due to Covid-19, the Recuperation Dormitory is being used, if needed, for an isolation area for those exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
• Recovery and Career Development Program (intake resuming mid-2021) – Desiring for people to live productive lives, Waterfront provides a highly-structured program to help people deal with the life-dominating issues which have led to their addictions. The program is based on the Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Measurement Survey which tracks progress across 10 key areas of personal and work objectives.
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