House with a Heart: K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles and Feed Fido & Fluffy Pet Pantry


House with a Heart (HWAH) has been so fortunate to have incredible supporters, social media friends, and volunteers by our side to support us during these challenging times. Thanks to them, we have seen so much positivity this year and have been able to achieve significant success in our efforts to help senior and special needs dogs and cats.
For example, our K-9 and Kitty Medical Miracles Fund, now in its third year, continued to help pets in need. This fund helps senior dogs and kitties by providing necessary medical care to make them adoptable from shelters and to get them into their local rescue or a new forever home. In 2020 we added five new rescue partners (so we now have 23 rescue partners from the East Coast to the West Coast!) and we provided 22 medical grants totaling $24,000 that helped to move some wonderful dogs and cats from being left behind to being LOVED.
Midnight, a beautiful senior cat, is a great example of how our medical miracles fund made a difference. Midnight’s elderly owner passed away and family members were not able to give him a home. Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter in Maryland was touched by his story and took him in even before there was a foster available. Our medical miracles grant helped them provide a senior wellness exam and microchip, bloodwork, vaccines, and treatment to heal an abscess on his head. Midnight was adopted within a couple weeks!
Roxxie, a 12-year-old Dalmatian mix, had a rough life before being rescued by Gray Face Acres in Virginia. When she arrived, she had fluid on her lungs, a heart condition, and evidence of a BB and bullet on her x-rays. Our medical miracles grant helped provide a cardiology consultation as well as the medications she needs. Roxxie’s foster mom fell in love, adopted her, and this adorable pup is now thriving with her forever family (including several dog friends!).
As these stories demonstrate, these pets often need extensive medical care to prepare them for adoption or foster care. Looking forward, we’ll continue to increase our partnerships so we can save even more dogs and cats that need medical care in order to find new homes.
A new and very successful project for us this year – the Feed Fido and Fluffy Pet HWAH
Pantry – grew out of a need to help struggling families in our community feed their pets during COVID-19.
We were humbled by the generosity of so many friends and followers who donated the essential supplies we needed to take care of our HWAH residents at the beginning of the pandemic. The quick response and generous donations led us to believe that with help from our supporters, we could also help needy families feed their pets during this difficult time and beyond. And so, the “Feed Fido and Fluffy” HWAH Pet Pantry was born!
In April we started connecting with organizations in our area already delivering groceries to shut-ins and families in need, and they added a pet food option to their delivery. Our first distribution to these local food banks was 200 lbs. of kibble and more than 150 cans of dog and cat food, and we soon doubled our distribution.
With the help of some of our rescue partners (Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue, LovePaws, Brew Beagles, PetConnect, K-9 Lifesavers, and others), we were also able to provide food to many low-income pet parents. As donations continued to arrive over the summer, we expanded the program to assist seniors and disabled folks living in low-income independent living facilities. In this time of uncertainty, there’s a fundamental truth that gives us HOPE – that together we can do extraordinary things!
Here at HWAH we just cannot stop helping pets in need - and the need is always great! We are so grateful for your support. THANK YOU!

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House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary
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Midnight was helped by a House with a Heart Medical Miracles Grant in 2020
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House with a Heart