Jacob's story

Moving Day

”I got out of the US Army not very long ago and have been running into endless problems ever since then. I was retired at age 25 for Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a broken back, and shattered ankle from many, many IED blasts. It was my job to disarm IED’s. I have been from place to place trying to make it but nothing ever works out. I have trouble finding work that I can do with my disabilities, my fiancée actually left me because of these reasons., I know that if I could find a permanent place to live, I could start getting back on my feet but sometimes it feels like I did something wrong and am being punished for it. Can you help me?” - - Jacob U.S. Army Veteran
Wounded Warrior Homes did help Jacob, and he told us outright, that whoever answered that phone was his last hope…he had a loaded firearm next to him along with the intent of using it on himself when he made that call to us. WWH is saving lives, imparting hope, creating opportunity, and removing limitations by serving these young men as they transition into their civilian lives after service.
Because of Jacob, and the 2 million other young men who have served since September 11, 2001, Wounded Warrior Homes invites you to invest in the success of Post-9/11 veterans with TBI and PTS who will reside in Transitional Housing. We invite you to continue being a part of something so extraordinary as to give these young men back their lives.

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Wounded Warrior Homes
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Volunteers and staff working together to move in the very first veteran into Wounded Warrior Homes
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Mia Roseberry