Jenna and Jamie Find Healing and Hope at Sheffield Place

Families at Sheffield Place

Each year, Sheffield Place serves 123 or more homeless mothers and their children. The families all have multiple barriers to success in becoming self-sufficient – generational homelessness and poverty, mental health, addiction, and domestic violence backgrounds, low educational attainment, and felony convictions, among others.

At Sheffield Place, these highly traumatized families receive the services they need to become self-sufficient – therapy, case management, life skills training. Families in the residential program have a private living unit with private bath and shared kitchens and laundry facilities. Families typically stay three months or longer. Once families transition to permanent housing in the community – either housing owned and operated by Sheffield Place or elsewhere – they may continue with case management, therapy, and life skills training for as long as needed and at no cost.

Jenna and her daughter, Jamie, are representative of the families at Sheffield Place. Jamie is now six and recently entered the first grade. For the first five years of her life, her mom, Jenna, was a severe alcoholic in the depths of her addiction. Jamie was left largely to her own devices to feed and dress herself. She and her mother survived in a house without heat or water. Twice a week they would bath at the public swimming pool.

When they arrived at Sheffield last fall, Jamie was receiving no services from the school and was not taking any medication. Through the intervention of the children’s case manager, Jamie’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) has been updated and she is on appropriate medication for ADHD. She participated in the school district’s summer school program. The school is providing special education services. She has started first grade recently. While Jamie still struggles with social interactions and reading social cues due to autism, she is making remarkable progress. In addition, her mother has entered recovery, has achieved eight months of sobriety, and will soon enter the workforce.

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Child Enjoying Water Day Activity at Sheffield Place
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