Keeping Parents Connected Breaks Isolation

Playgroup Keeps Moms Connected!

"Healthy Kids playgroup was a life saver for me when my kids were little! I knew nothing about dealing with my son's behavior and the other moms were so helpful!. When my daughter had her first baby, I told her to go to Healthy Kids groups! They are the best!" Waldoboro Mom

Healthy Kids has long run parenting groups that serve to provide socialization for kids and parents. This strategy for preventing child abuse is well documented as "Social Connections" is one of the five protective factors identified by Strengthening Families.

Healthy Kids serves a rural county in Maine and isolation can lead to depression and then to parents making a choice to discipline or neglect their children. Providing free opportunities for parents and kids to regularly get together provides families with a place to make new friends and talk about whatever is on their mind regarding parenting.
Additionally, Healthy Kids offers parenting classes and parenting support to families attending these groups. And when participants refer their children when they become parents to Healthy Kids programs, we know we have made a difference.

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Healthy Kids
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Happy moms and kids networking and socializing.
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