Ken Recovers Life and Sight

Ken After Eye Surgery

Ken worked in construction and had his own apartment, but when he became blinded by cataracts, he lost everything. He was living in a motel in fear for his safety. One night he was on the verge of committing suicide, but instead, he called 911 and was brought to The INN Between. With stable housing, Ken qualified to undergo surgery at Moran Eye Center. His first surgery was successful, and he regained sight immediately. The second eye was problematic requiring several follow up procedures to fully regain vision. Ken stayed with us for several months while he recuperated and looked for work. He started back to work and after saving first and last month’s rent, Ken was ready to exit The INN Between and continue rebuilding his life.

Charity Name
The INN Between
Photo Caption
Ken enjoys life with restored vision.
Photo Credit
Matilda Lindgren