King Street Cats #39069: Together, We'll Find A Way to Show Some Love.

Thank you for saving our lives

Together, we’ll find a way to Show Some Love.
Most of us view our pets as beloved members of the family and do everything we can to ensure their happiness. In return, they give us unconditional love, sealing the beautiful bond of friendship and loyalty, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

King Street Cats (KSC) CFC# 39069 is proud to be the only cat-exclusive, no-kill rescue facility in Alexandria, VA. We are 100% volunteer-run and rely solely on private donations. Each year KSC rescues more than 350 cats and kittens. Our mission is to provide a safe haven, vet care, and love until they find their forever homes, and educate and assist the local community about cat welfare.

We’re proud and thankful for our volunteers who not only clean the cat room and feed the cats each day, but assist with adoptions, provide foster care, transport cats to vet appointments, pick up cats and kittens from local shelters, deliver cats to their new homes, help with fundraising, publicity, and so much more.

We’re also proud to be a rescue that saves not only cute kittens but also senior and special medical and behavioral needs cats. These are the cats that frankly don’t make it out of the shelters and are considered “too hard to adopt out” elsewhere. We believe that every cat, regardless of age or personality, deserves a forever home and our cats stay with us until that home is found.

It is ONLY because of your GENEROUS donations that we were able to rescue:

The “Racetrack Kittens”
An area shelter sent out a “final plea” for these four kittens, described as “very difficult” to handle and sick with upper respiratory infections as well as having an assortment of visual and/or neurological issues. Their future was so uncertain they hadn’t even been given names. We knew they were destined to be King Street Cats! Fast-forward four months and, after numerous vet visits and assorted surgeries, we’re happy to report that Charlotte and Watkins are settling into their forever home while Indi and Daytona continue to recuperate in foster.

Pretty Little Myrtle
Myrtle was around 12-years-old and brought tears to everyone’s eyes when she first arrived. She was someone’s pet once but had been taken into an area shelter as a stray. She weighed less than 5lbs, her long fur was falling out, she was deaf, declawed, completely defenseless, and so weak she fell over as she tried to walk. We knew we had an emergency situation on our hands and if Myrtle didn’t get into a foster home we didn’t think she would make it through the night. That’s when one of our fabulous first-time fosters stepped up and took her home. Fast-forward three months and Miss Myrtle became quite the Diva. She put on weight and loves having her beautiful, soft fur brushed. Her foster wrote, “She is now my office mate… Saving Myrtle’s life was easy; it turns out that an extra litter box and some food is nothing compared to the joy I get from seeing the bright look in her eyes now! And now I know the routine, once Myrtle finds her forever home, it will open up space for another KSC Super Senior foster.”

Colby & Maya
Colby and Maya came to KSC from two different shelters when “their time was up”. The moment they met in their foster home they became immediate BFFs. They each have something extra-special about them: Colby is blind and Maya has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (wobbly cat syndrome). KSC saw their specialness and gave them a chance to just be kittens. We weren’t sure we would be able to find them a home together - taking on one cat with differences can be challenging but taking two seemed like it might be a bit of a stretch. We promised them that, no matter what, they would always be together. PS…BFFs Colby and Maya were adopted together and are now thriving in their forever home.

Whether it’s a place to grow after a rough start, a place to wait for a forever home for a special needs kitten, a safe place to recover from abuse, or a soft, warm place to land for an abandoned senior, KSC is a life-saving place. We are deeply touched by your generous donations and would not be able to continue our life-saving work without YOU!

Will you help KSC be the face of change for our community’s cat welfare? Together, we can Show Some Love.

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King Street Cats: Thank you for saving our lives
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