Last Toast

Last Toast!

Thanks to the support of donors like you, Delaware Hospice has a 16 bed in-patient unit in Milford which provides 24/7 care to patients. With the onset of COVID-19 in March, we were forced to limit our patients’ visitors. This was a hard but necessary decision that we made in the best interest of our patients and our staff. When appropriate, we were able to allow just two visitors at a time for our patients. One of our patients, captured our hearts in mid-April.
Told from the eyes of Debbie, an Associate Director for Delaware Hospice, Mr. T was not doing well. Due to CDC health guidelines for COVID-19, his two daughters were able to visit in his suite while he son-in-law, Kenny, sat on Mr. T’s personal patio. Mr. T was becoming anxious since he couldn't hear or see Kenny.
Our team was able to rearrange the suite so Mr. T could see Kenny through his room’s French doors. “I held the phone to Mr. T's ear. At that point, Mr. T perked up and said, “Is that you? Well where is the Miller Light®, so we can toast?” Kenny had one in his truck and an order was obtained for Mr. T to have a beer. Mr. T's daughters took pictures while he and Kenny toasted each other through the door. Mr. T told Kenny, “Well this is my last toast, I will see you in heaven!”
That evening, one of Mr. T's daughters commented, “Thank you for allowing our Dad to share a toast with my husband, Kenny.” The Delaware Hospice Center is able to create these moments due to your generosity and that of our community. These gifts inspire our staff to move mountains and furniture for our patients and families.
Delaware Hospice provides programs and services to support individuals and families dealing with a serious illness, many of which are offered free of charge. Delaware Transitions provides free non-medical guidance and resources to families coping with a serious illness. Delaware Palliative helps families cope with the physical and psychosocial burdens of a serious illness through home visits by a physician, nurse practitioner, and a social worker. Through a multi-disciplinary team, our Delaware Hospice program meets the individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their caregivers. From before birth through young adulthood, our Katybug program helps kids with a serious illness live more fully while improving their family’s quality of life. Delaware Hospice is the only organization in Delaware offering free children bereavement services through our service, New Hope. New Hope works with kids and families in anticipatory grief as well as grief for our Delaware Hospice families and the community. We are able to do this thanks to our generous donors, especially you!

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Mr. T toasts his son-in-law, Kenny one last time...
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Pam Reising