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Compassionate Touch Jan - June 2020 Funding Report

Although our nation is faced with many uncertainties, Compassionate Touch has continued to fund short-term emergency resources to hospital patients and caregivers. As of January 1st – September 7th, our organization has funded over 752 patients with funding totaling over $234,000. and counting. Yes, by the end of the 2020, funding distributions will exceed well over a $250,000. A Compassionate Touch recipient wrote, “We are writing to express our heart-felt thanks for the very special gift we received from you!! It is helping us through a difficult time. May God bless you and be with you always.” Mr. & Mrs. D. Matthews. Also, many thanks to our CFC supporters for “Making a Difference in the Lives of Hospital Patients and Caregivers.”

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Compassionate Touch, Inc.
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Compassionate Touch Funds Patients and Caregivers Throughout the Pandemic
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Compassionate Touch, Inc.