Meet Artima: One Family’s Story of Resilience

Artima and Family

Artima first sought support from Providence House with her son, Carter, while she looked for new housing due to community violence. She was receiving outpatient mental health services and did not have childcare. A year later, she used Providence House services again when she gave birth to her youngest son, Caleb. Providence House gave Artima the flexibility to go to school to pursue her GED and obtain childcare, things that were previously difficult without the support of family or friends. Providence House stepped in by caring for her boys, making referrals, and providing support through Aftercare, a program Artima loves because she gets to meet new people and learn more about how to work with her childrens’ various needs. When asked about Providence House, Artima stated “They’re always open, they’re always listening – they’ve taught me so much as a parent.”

Charity Name
Providence House, Inc.
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Artima with her sons Caleb (left) and Carter (right)
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TWIST Creative, Inc.