Meet Fernando

Fernando on his second birthday

Oligohydramnios. It’s an unfamiliar word to most. As a diagnosis to a pregnant mother, it’s terrifying. For Florence, a routine visit to her obstetrician in Guatemala City for an ultrasound at 31 weeks brought a diagnosis that changed everything. It is a condition that affects development of the baby and can cause preterm birth. Florence’s son, Fernando, was born at 32 weeks in April of 2016 in Guatemala. Decisions needed to be made quickly. Fernando was taken by air ambulance to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Johns Hopkins All Children’s. His father, Emilio, traveled with him while Florence and family stayed back with their other son, Juan Diego. Fernando spent 55 days the NICU as Florence, Emilio, Juan Diego and grandparents traveled back and forth. Eventually, Fernando was able to go home thanks to the care provided by his team of doctors. The photo to the left shows Fernando back home in Guatemala on the heels of his second birthday.

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Johns Hopkins All Children's Foundation
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Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital