More Than a Meal

Annie W.

Meet Annie W.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging was there to make sure she had nutritious meals delivered to her home and supports so that she could focus on getting well.

Chemotherapy often leaves Annie too weak to fix food for herself, and the pandemic means she needs to shelter at home to protect her immune system. Our home-delivered meals give her the nutrition she needs to fight the cancer and become healthy while remaining safe at home.

She tells us that receiving the meals “means just about everything because some days I’m able to get up and do things for myself, but then there are those days when I just can’t seem to do anything. Getting the meals also helps me because I’m on a fixed income and I don’t have a whole lot of money. I can’t go out and buy specialty things, and I’m not able to stand up and cook.”

In fact, Benjamin Rose also has financial wellness and housing stability services to help Annie free up money in her budget by reducing expenses, decreasing debt and building a savings.

We also provide enrollment assistance for more than 1,300 local, state and federal benefits so that Annie doesn’t have to choose between paying for health care or housing.

And should Annie need it, we are the only agency in Northeast Ohio that provides in-home behavioral health services to older adults in their homes. As driving and transportation become more difficult with aging, our professional staff go into the home to provide one-on-one services. Our staff will also accompany older adults to mental and physical health appointments to make sure their concerns are heard, and their needs are met.

Benjamin Rose and its subsidiaries and programs operate through an integrated model of wellness so that regardless of how or where people like Annie engage with us, they receive full access to our breadth of services as their needs change.

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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging
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Annie W. is fighting breast cancer during the pandemic with the help of Benjamin Rose and our home-delivered meals.
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Jeanne Hoban