Mrs. Galvan's Story

Mrs. Galvan- Project 4031 Funding for Families Recipient During COVID-19

There is nothing quite like a mother’s love. Even when faced with a terminal illness, Mrs. Galvan’s priorities where taking care of her three children and ensuring they didn’t need to worry about how the bills would get paid. After being diagnosed with Leukemia, her condition worsened and she was unable to get her disability approved for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, once her disability was approved, she then lost her medical benefits and food assistance. She was forced to pay cash for 27 medications and her limited income didn’t leave anything left over for bills and food. The family felt defeated, like they had taken one step forward and then two steps back.
In an effort to find better medical care for Mrs. Galvan, the family made the difficult decision to relocate but have experienced trouble getting back on their feet ever since. The costs of moving, lack of financial support, and medical benefits has left them struggling. Her husband stopped working for some time to provide care for her and the family’s monthly bills and daily necessities could not be covered. With the loss of his income, they were in a crisis mode where they just couldn’t get caught up after covering the expenses of her care. As if these hardships were not enough, the family was facing these challenges amidst a global pandemic. Having all three children home from school to care for was an added concern. Project 4031 assisted through the Funding for Families program and covered the cost of the family’s rent, utilities, and groceries for one month. Mrs. Galvan was extremely grateful and expressed what a huge blessing this was for her family and how it has lifted such a weight off her shoulders. This gift not only supported the basic needs of the family but also gave them the hope needed to carry on.
“I don’t have enough words to thank you, especially for my children. It was glory to see relief in their eyes to know we had nothing to worry about for this month other than to stay home and stay safe. It feels good to know that there are people and foundations out there that haven’t forgotten about us (people on hospice), simply because we are already dying…My family and I are blessed to have at least one month stress free and all thanks to people and organizations like Project 4031 who don’t stop believing and thinking about us terminally ill patients who feel all hope is lost.”
-Mrs.Galvan, Funding for Families Recipient during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Project 4031
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Mrs. Galvan- Project 4031 Funding for Families Recipient During COVID-19
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Mrs. Galvan