Pets like Lady and Pierce Brosnan are safe thanks to you

Pierce Brosnan

Animal Friends Alliance emerged in January 2020 from the union of Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic and Animal House Rescue & Grooming. Animal Friends Alliance is a “limited admission, adoption guarantee shelter” for cats and dogs. This means we have to limit how many animals we take in due to space and financial restrictions, but we guarantee that every animal we take in will stay with us until they find a good home. We are 100% committed to every cat and dog that comes to us, and we do our best to make sure each one goes to the right home with an adopter who is ready to make a lifelong commitment to them. If for any reason an adopter cannot keep the animal they adopted from us, we will always take them back.

By providing subsidized spay and neuter for both dogs and cats, our spay/neuter clinic offers a proactive solution to pet homelessness. The clinic also provides preventative health care including vaccinations, deworming, heartworm testing, feline viral testing, and microchipping. For pet owners who are in a low-income bracket or receive government assistance, we offer financial assistance for spay/neuter through the Prevent A Litter Plus (PAL+) Program, and free supplemental pet food through the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry.

Every year, thousands of animals, like Lady and Pierce Brosnan are kept safe and warm with families who love them and re-homed with adoring families who want to share all their love.

When Lady’s original guardian died nearly six years ago, Lady went to live with his daughter and her family. The bond between this family of survivors has grown as precious as you would hope, so everyone was very worried when Lady suddenly became ill. After a trip to another veterinarian, they learned that she had a pyometra, a uterine infection that requires prompt, aggressive treatment. Lady was prescribed a short course of antibiotics, and her mom was urged to call us immediately to schedule her spay. Emergency pyometra spays can cost up to $1,000 at other veterinary clinics, forcing some people to choose “economic euthanasia” for their animals. Thankfully, this chapter of Lady’s story has a much better ending: She got the spay she needed through PAL+ and is now fully recovered, with a “nicely healed and tattooed” belly, reports her mom.

Pierce Brosnan (named after Pierce, the town where he was found, depicted in the attached photo) is a community cat who's seen more thrills and daring action than 007. He was first spotted by a staff member in early spring, and he eluded our traps for months. Every time we spotted Pierce, he looked worse and worse: his ears were torn and scabbed, his front leg and face were injured, sometimes he was visibly bleeding. We knew we needed to do something if he was going to survive. Finally, our trapping efforts were successful. It took Pierce a few days to recover from the indignity of his capture, but slowly we began to earn his trust. Once we were able to give him an exam, we saw how bad his situation really was: abscesses on his neck that needed surgical care, missing incisors and cracked canine teeth, broken toes that had healed improperly, at least two BBs lodged in his flesh, and scars all over his body that were memories of his adventures―and misadventures. Pierce Brosnan is now getting the medical care he needs and is recovering in a foster home (with the same staff member who initially spotted him!). Now that he knows people provide care and love, he's ready to give up adventuring for cuddles. He's very affectionate and loves human companionship.

Now more than ever, Animal Friends Alliance remains committed to preserving the human-animal bond, helping struggling pet owners with much-needed food and medical care, and finding homes for animals who need new families to care for them. We can’t do it without help from our supporters. Every little bit helps, and we’re grateful for it all.

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Animal Friends Alliance
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Pierce Brosnan gets an exam at Animal Friends Alliance while we work to ascertain the extent of his wounds.
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Mary Wolf