The Promise of Hope

In the Depths of a Child's Eyes

Imagine trauma so severe that it leaves lifelong impact. The horrors faced by the Rohingya are so extreme that the atrocities still evoke tears.
Children struck with bullets, walked for days despite bearing wounds toward safety. Those who could not leave, faced violent unimaginable atrocities. The genocide is evident.
A child came to our doctors after hours in line under the blazing sun. Quietly, he huddled in his grandmother’s lap, barely showing emotion. The doctor inquired further, “Was everything okay?”
When it came time to flee, the grandmother shared the child’s parents placed him in her protective arms. They thought, since the grandmother needed more time to walk, it was best to send her first. In the chaos, the parents preparing things for the challenging journey promised to catch up.
Every morning, the boy asks for his parents. Eyes brimming with tears, the grandmother said, "I tell him each day, we’ll pray for them to make it here." The doctor asked, "How long has it been?". The grandmother shakily responds, "a year".
The doctor realizes the grandmother understands the best medicine in this situation is hope. It is what the Rohingya are left to survive on.

Charity Name
Islamic Medical Association of North America
Photo Caption
A young child in the Rohingya camps being treated by IMANA doctors for fever and shortness of breath.
Photo Credit
Xhengis Aliu