Providing Care - No Matter What.

Health Care Provider with Patient

As mandatory COVID-19 stay-at-home orders went into effect and many businesses were forced to close their doors, it was clear that the need for affordable, trustworthy reproductive health care and sex education would not stop because of the pandemic.

Knowing that many could not wait to receive the essential reproductive health care they deserved, our health centers worked quickly to pivot operations and successfully onboard tele-health services. By implementing tele-health services for birth control, STI testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS preventatives, medicated abortions, and emergency contraception, providers were able to prioritize critical in-person services without jeopardizing the safety of patients and staff. In addition, tele-health has increased access throughout the region, allowing us to reach patients in areas without a brick and mortar health center.

As we continue to navigate the full impact of COVID-19, it is critical our health centers continue to offer both in-person and tele-health visits to serve the patients that rely on us most. That is why we will continue to ensure that every patient has access to the essential, non-judgmental, and affordable health care they know and trust – No Matter What.

Charity Name
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon
Photo Credit
Frank Rogozienske/Planned Parenthood Federation of America