Quadruplets! The Anastasia Hernandez Story

The Hernandez Quadruplets

Casa Esperanza is New Mexico's House of Hope. Casa Esperanza provides a "home away from home" for families requiring treatment for cancer, kidney disease, high-risk pregnancies and other serious medical conditions. Because there are no comprehensive healthcare centers in rural areas, residents with major medical diagnoses are often required to travel long distances to Albuquerque.
One such family traveled from Alamogordo to stay at Casa Esperanza. Estocian and Anastasia Hernandez made the three-hour journey because of a high-risk pregnancy— Anastasia was expecting quadruplets! They came to Casa Esperanza before Anastasia gave birth to the quadruplets. Little did they know Casa Esperanza would be their “home away from home” for six months!
During Anastasia’s physical at UNM Hospital, the doctor noticed two of the baby’s heart rates were dropping. This was a serious situation and an emergency caesarian would need to be performed to save the babies. She remarked how fortunate they were that all the babies survived.
Anastasia said being at Casa Esperanza was a godsend. “I was so thankful to be at Casa Esperanza and be so close to the hospital,” she replied. Another blessing was their 10-year-old son was able to stay with them at Casa Esperanza from time-to-time. “It was hard to be away from family for all this time. Casa Esperanza welcomed my family when they came to visit. The staff was wonderful. They made sure we had everything we needed,” Anastasia gratefully replied.
Today, the quadruplets are doing well. Because they were premature, they are a little behind in development but are getting better every day. Anastasia credits the well-being of her babies to the great care they received in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital. She also mentions Casa Esperanza for making their lives so comfortable while they stayed there. “It was kind of hard to say goodbye because we became friends with the staff during our stay at Casa Esperanza. Now we keep in touch on Facebook and I send photos of the babies,” Anastasia said.

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Casa Esperanza
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So lucky all four babies survived and doing well!!
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Anastasia Hernandez