Responding to 2020

Feeding Our Communities

Although our centers had to cancel congregate meals due to the pandemic, it didn’t diminish the need for this service. We partnered with a couple of restaurants to provide hot meals and/or reheat meals to pick up curbside and take home. By working out a method of getting orders and delivery times from each participating center, staff coordinated with the restaurants to confirm dates, times, and quantities. To transport the food efficiently, the pickup and deliveries were included in our Food Rescue app and volunteers completed the deliveries to the sites. We purchased the appropriate PPE for our Food Rescue volunteers to ensure their safety. While we had the funding, we ordered and delivered nearly 8,000 meals from May through July. The Meals to Go worked out extremely well, helping our hungry families while supporting our small local businesses. We want to continue it in 2021. .

Charity Name
Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland
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While the pandemic rages on, we were determined to keeping the rising number of people fed with meals to go.
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Kevin Kopanski