Reunited After 5 Years Missing!

Marty Reunited with his Mom

Animals are welcomed as individuals when surrendered to Citizens for Animal Protection and are forever considered a part of our extended family, even after they move on to find loving homes. Being a part of the CAP family means that we will always strive to help our pets, even if they cross our paths again years later.

One little dog in particular will remain in our memories and serve as an inspiration for all lost pets and the families who are missing them. Marty the Chihuahua/Terrier was adopted from CAP 8 years ago as a young puppy and his family instantly fell in love with him. Marty unexpectedly went missing after a few years in his new home and was nowhere to be found.

His family was devastated.

Fast forward five years to 2020, the year of the unexpected. One of our dedicated CAP staff members was leaving for work in the morning and found a little shaggy dog running the streets of her neighborhood. She scooped up the little boy and brought him along to the shelter. What great timing that she happened to see him on her way to work!

All animals who come to our shelter are scanned for a microchip in the hopes of reuniting them with their owners. We have large files of lost and found reports which are crosschecked daily to find matches with the pets we have here at the shelter.

We immediately scanned this poor little dog for a microchip when our staff member brought him in and were thrilled when one was found. Imagine our surprise when we looked up the owner information and realized this little dog was adopted from us 8 years ago!

We were able to get Marty's family on the phone after a few quick calls and they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Marty was now FOUND after being missing for 5 years! He still hasn’t told anyone where he was for so long, but judging by the smile on his face he was happy to be reunited with his family.

CAP typically reunites over 200 pets every year with their families after they have gone missing, in addition to finding new homes for over 5,000 homeless pets. That is A LOT of smiling faces!

Charity Name
Citizens for Animal Protection
Photo Caption
After being missing for 5 years, Marty was happily reunited with his loving family thanks to CAP!
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Bianca Burrascano