Standing Up For CASA

Speaking on Behalf of CASA

“I came to the foster care system after
my mom had gotten drunk and then
laid hands on my sister. I don’t know
who checked the house, but they said
it wasn’t a suitable place for children
to live, so they took me, my brother
and my sister out of the house
and into care.”
Kyle and his siblings were taken into the care of the State for abuse and neglect. They had several different placement locations and not always together. Through it all, “CASA has been there to
support me. My mom has been in and out of prison for reasons I would like to not talk about. It
was always hard on me. I always have my CASA to turn to in those times where I was put down.”
CASA advocates spend time getting to know the children and their needs. Advocates learn about
the child’s educational performance along with their physical and mental health, help determine
any unmet needs, identify future goals (for older youth), and most importantly, discover the
child’s wishes and share those with the family support team. CASA’s then make recommendations of the child’s best interest to the court . One of the Juvenile Court Judges stated, “CASA
volunteers give the Court and the Juvenile Justice Team a one-on-one voice for those children
who are a victim of their parent's circumstance.“ CASA advocates help change a child’s story.
After several years of struggle and multiple times of engagement then disengagement, Kyle’s
mom made the changes to work with the system to reunify with her children. Kyle says, “This
past year it’s been great because my mom finally started straightening out and putting family
first. She’ll get me and my brother back.”
In addition to going to school and working toward reunification, Kyle has served on regional and
state boards of organizations dedicated to helping other kids in foster care. Because of the help
he has received with CASA, Kyle plans to continue a life of service.
“With the help of CASA, they help advocate for kids and help them get to positions like where I am
- being adopted or reunification. Thank you to all those CASA workers.”
Photo and Story courtesy of Andrew Sheeley - Phelps County Focus—December 6, 2018

Charity Name
CASA of South Central Missouri-25th Judicial Circuit
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Together: Making A Difference in A Young Person's Life
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Andrew Sheeley