Stitch's Story

Stitch in Bandages

Auburn Valley Humane Society (AVHS) does not know much about Stitch’s past, but we hope that he can help shape the future for how we help our community and make a difference. Stitch, found in a crate alongside the road by a Good Samaritan, was brought to AVHS with the hopes of locating his owners. Only a six-month old pup, he was not microchipped at the time.

Stitch came in happy as can be, and the word “stranger” was NOT in his vocabulary. Everyone he meets is his new best friend! Stitch had a nice new harness on when he arrived, quickly wiggling his way into everyone’s heart.

Shortly after his arrival, the AVHS medical team found open wounds underneath his new harness. The vet indicated that Stitch must have been wearing a smaller, different harness, too small for his body frame. It had caused horrific deep wounds over his neck, chest, and armpits. Scheduled for hours of surgery, the medical staff stitched up those open wounds – thus, his name – STITCH!

Stitch is a FAST growing puppy, and there is no way to know how long or how short of a time this took to happen. What we do know is that he was obviously cared for and loved previously. He shows it in his personality, and someone bought him that new harness to help him heal. What we do not know is how he ended up at the shelter and why? Was his family too embarrassed to ask for assistance? Could they not afford medical care? Did they get overwhelmed and not know what to do? Times can be challenging, especially right now.

Whatever the reason, AVHS will help a pet owner, coach you, and provide resources to everyone. The AVHS animal staff will work to help find a solution, but steer the pet owner in the right direction and identify potential solutions.
We hope we see fewer animals coming to the shelter like Stitch and more animals getting the help that they need so they do not end up in a similar situation. Many pets like Stitch arrive with special needs. Some are injured, in crisis, or sick, or hungry, needing medical attention and love.

As for Stitch, don’t worry about him! He wiggled his way into everyone’s heart! Once his wounds healed, he was adopted by someone who will spoil him rotten for the rest of his days.

We need your help in caring for animals like Stitch and supporting animal welfare in our communities. COVID-19 has taught us many things, and teaming together to provide compassionate care and support is more critical now than ever. We face uncharted territory and genuinely rely on your gift to sustain so many of our lifesaving programs.

Please consider making a gift to Auburn Valley Humane Society to strengthen our community and support animals in need.

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Auburn Valley Humane Society
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Stitch in recovery and ready to play!
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AVHS Staff