The Strength of Our D.C. Neighbors

Martha's Table Taking Bold Action

When some organizations were forced to shutter their doors or limit their operations, Martha’s Table stepped up to help our neighbors through this crisis.

During these times, we appreciate the stories that remind us that “neighbor” is a word that carries responsibility. Neighbors are the people we trust, the ones who step up to help others.

One story that stands out is from a neighbor who regularly visits our nightly meal van in downtown D.C, McKenna’s Wagon. One night, after all our guests had received their free meals, this neighbor approached us and asked, “Do you take cash?”

He then shared that his friend had sadly passed away. He was left with their remaining possessions, including $60 cash.

He choked up and explained, “He was the one who brought me to McKenna’s Wagon in the first place—I’ve been able to eat because of him and because of you.”

He turned his pockets inside out and found $23. He handed us his only twenty-dollar bill and insisted on making the donation in memory of his friend. We are deeply grateful for this neighbor.

The generosity of our community has allowed Martha’s Table to take bold action as soon as the COVID-19 crisis hit. With the help of generous people like you, we are sending a clear message to our neighbors in need: you are not alone; we are in this together. Your support makes a deep impact:

•Over 8,000 neighbors supported every week with no-cost healthy groceries

•$9,000 in direct cash assistance to EACH of the 137 families in our education program to prevent financial crisis

•200+ warm meals every night on McKenna’s Wagon to those experiencing hunger or housing insecurity

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Martha's Table
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Rain, snow, or global pandemic, Martha's Table is taking bold action to support our neighbors with healthy food, quality education, and family resources.
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