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Scholarship Receipient

Our Foundation provides programs and services to support the Navy Supply Corps Community and promote as well as preserve its heritage and tradition. Our vision is to globally unify the Navy Supply Corps Community. One of our most important and largest programs is our Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program, which was the basis for the Foundation's formation three decades ago, was established to provide children of qualifying Supply Corps personnel financial assistance to pursue a college education. Since 1971, the Foundation has awarded 2,578 scholarships valued in excess of $6,153,000.

With the financial challenges of COVID-19 that have hit many families in the Supply Corps Community, scholarships will be more important than ever in allowing our next generation to complete their college or technical studies. Many of our current awardees are pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These scholarships will give them the opportunity to help our country meet its future needs.

One of the Foundation’s recent scholarship recipients, Joey, realized in his junior year of high school that he wanted to pursue a career in Engineering. To accomplish that goal, he hoped to attend Washington State University. However, with few extra resources at his disposal, it seemed that a four year university might be out of his reach. However, the Foundation awarded Joey a scholarship in part because his grandfather was a military officer. The Scholarship significantly relieved the stress of affording university and Joey was able to enjoy and focus on his studies.

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Joey An Engineering Student
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