Thandiwe Wants to Share Her Story with You!

Thandiwe in Zimabwe

Thandiwe lives in Zimbabwe. Her name means “Beloved” in the native language in Zimbabwe. When she was younger, she was part of the Christian World Outreach (CWO) Our Kids or “OK” Kids program.

OK Kids is derived from the African concept that views every child in a community as belonging to everyone in the community and keeping them connected within their community. The OK Kids program is for orphan and vulnerable children (1-18 years) where CWO connects children with a family in the community where they were born instead of being institutionalized. We avoid uprooting children from their communities, allowing them to stay in school, complete their education and remain close to their friends and familiar faces. The “Our Kids” children receive home care, food, scholarships, on-going counseling, health education, skills development and weekend life skills camps.

Thandiwe wants to share this with you.

"I lost my mother when I was 5 years old. And my father died when I was 7 years old. When my parents died, I went to live with my grandmother in Samaringa village. I am now 23 years old.

Christian World Outreach started to help me in 2006 when I was nine years old and in grade 3 at Samaringa Primary School in Honde Valley. The organization assisted me in many ways, including paying my school fees, providing me with uniforms and school stationary. And during Christmas time we would receive Christmas hampers (baskets).

Although I am now grown up, I miss the lessons at the camps. The lessons we were taught during camping include: pillars of character, grooming, decision-making, child abuse, setting priorities, relationship as well as Bible lessons. Those lessons challenged me to have godly character and helped me to relate well with others in the community. Also the organization gave me and other beneficiaries an opportunity to visit and see new places during camps. I miss the camps very much.

With the help from CWO, I completed my secondary schooling. Then in 2015, CWO helped to enroll me with Magamba Vocational Training Centre where I studied Hotel and Catering and graduated in 2017. I chose this program because I have a passion for serving people. Currently I am unemployed, but I know at God’s appointed time I will start working despite the harsh economic conditions in Zimbabwe.

I will always be grateful to CWO and its staff for being there for me and for being my parents when I did not have parents. May God continue to bless you all."

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Thandiwe Wants to Share Her Story with You!
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