United Breast Cancer Foundation Success Story: Kim Dobres

Kim Dobres

Kim Dobres is a wonderful, kind and giving person. In 2016, Kim went in for a routine mammogram. It had been three years since her last breast screening and thankfully, when she called her screening center they squeezed her in the next day. From that mammogram, they found atypical cells that had to be removed. In a state of fear, she called surgeons and found a breast surgeon who performed her bilateral mastectomy for a very low cost. She felt it was divine intervention, how quickly everyone was able to help her.

Despite the doctors initial help with the cost of her mastectomy, Kim received a call a few weeks later informing her of the thousands of dollars in future medical expenses she would incur for continued treatment. Her head was spinning. With some help from her local breast cancer coalition, she was connected to doctors who would perform her subsequent surgery at lower costs and she learned about the United Breast Cancer Foundation.

To help Kim feel supported and provide a much needed boost to her outlook on life, UBCF awarded Kim a financial grant to receive Holistic treatments and supplements. In addition, UBCF provided Kim with gifts including designer shoes & clothing, personal care products & makeup, and household items at several UBCF Pink Bag Events®.

“My favorite gift of all was the La-Z-Boy recliner because after my DIEP Flap [surgery] in February, I was able to heal better than I did when I didn’t have that chair. I slept in that chair for probably three weeks. If it wasn’t for the United Breast Cancer Foundation giving me that La-Z-boy I don’t know how I would have recovered. People don’t understand that it might be something small for you in your life, but it can make the difference between a good and bad recovery experience.”

UBCF understands that breast cancer not only impacts the patient but their family members as well. In addition to supporting Kim, UBCF awarded Kim’s son, Mark, the Audrey B. Mastroianni College Scholarship. Her gratitude for this scholarship is evident as she said, “The most relief was your scholarship for my son. It’s been a very trying time. My husband lost his job, I was out with surgery, and my son is attending a private college. You guys filled in the gap for me.” UBCF truly understands that breast cancer is more than a diagnosis.

Kim is very thankful for the United Breast Cancer Foundation and she shares UBCF’s information whenever she has the opportunity. After being asked if she would recommend UBCF, she explained that she already has and continues to do so, “I have recommended UBCF to many and have even hosted a fundraiser that raised $5,000 for UBCF. I work in a highschool and anytime I hear of someone that can be helped by UBCF, I print out your paperwork and give them your phone number so you can continue to bless people.” Kim’s strength and kindness as a person really shines through in her want to continue giving back and spreading love. She noted, “Without the love and the generosity of the United Breast cancer foundation donors I wouldn’t have been able to get this far.”

When asked what a donor's gift means to her Kim stated, “Survival. Without the love of the United Breast Cancer Foundation I honestly believe I wouldn’t be in the place where I am today.” She further explained that, “The more money that donors donate, the more women facing a breast cancer diagnosis will be able to breath through their treatments.” Kim continues to volunteer for UBCF and drives patients to their appointments in her car so they don’t have to worry about driving or car expenses. She explained that in one town alone, there were 93 women coping with breast cancer. Kim feels it is her purpose to help make even one woman’s day a little better. When she moves to Florida in the future she wants to continue volunteering for UBCF and educating people about breast cancer.

UBCF is honored to help Kim, her son Mark, and so many others impacted by breast cancer. Kim is a wonderful example of the love that is spread while helping others. Without support from our donors we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do. Please consider supporting the United Breast Cancer Foundation through the CFC, #77934.

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UBCF client, Kim Dobres, shares a shining moment
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Kim Dobres