The Voice of the Martyrs - Janette

Janette Story

WHEN ISLAMISTS ATTACKED their Christian village in the Central
African Republic, Janette and her children ran barefoot from the
gunfire to take cover in the bush, where they hid for the night; those
who couldn’t run were killed. Janette and her family are among the
30,000 Christians in the CAR who have been driven from their homes
in the last eight years because of their commitment to Christ.
The Voice of the Martyrs overcomes impassable roads using everything
from cargo planes to canoes to help thousands of Christians living in
temporary shelters throughout the country. Despite ongoing attacks,
our courageous Christian brothers and sisters in the CAR still display
God’s love and forgiveness to their persecutors

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The Voice of the Martyrs
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The Voice of the Martyrs
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