Volunteer Jessica Bourg

Making sure cancer patients have nutrition

The Covid-19 event this year has drastically affected us all. It’s been a particular concern to our patients who are immune compromised. In addition to the emotional fear and physical toll of cancer treatment, our patients now have to deal with all the changes brought about by this pandemic crisis.
The Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans (CAGNO) expanded from 13-23 parishes to include Baton Rouge areas in 2019 for all cancers. We are now covering 56 parishes for Breast Cancer patients. We are expanding our coverage area and are in great need of additional monies to cover these new patients.
Since 1959, CAGNO has served local cancer patients who are unable to find assistance from other sources.
In 2019, we assisted 897 cancer patients in Louisiana, Filled 980 Prescriptions, Assisted with 564 medical supplies and copays and Provided 466 instances of household living assistance
CAGNO’s program fills the gap in services provided through local hospitals, hospices and other healthcare agencies. Without CAGNO, these gaps must be met by family or friends or are not met at all.
When available through donations CAGNO’s services also including…… Bed pads, wigs, prostheses, colostomy supplies, and subsidy of sickroom equipment.
The Cancer Association is a local nonprofit with over 60 years of service to Louisiana cancer patients. The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in severe loss of revenue due to the cancellation of all our 2020 special events and now we need your help!!
For a $50 Donation: you can provide two patients a one month supply of fruits & vegetables from locally sourced providers.
For a $100 Donation: you can provide one patient with a 6 month supply of nutritional supplies
For a $125 Donation: you can provide one patient with a medical co-pay needed for treatment
CAGNO recognizes that our patients are immune compromised and may have trouble safely obtaining basic supplies like groceries. Therefore we are partnering with Top Box Foods through their “Makin’ Groceries Program” to provide our patients with locally sourced food items delivered directly to their door with a “no contact” delivery service in the New Orleans area with expansion to the Baton Rouge Area by the end of 2020. Then further expansion in 2021.
Cancer is relentless. It does not stop, even during a pandemic or hurricane. Here in Louisiana, volunteer, Jessica Bourg reached out to find out what she could do for Cancer Patients in her community. We had a great idea for contactless delivery of needed nutrition. Community members like you make all the difference in the world.

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Cancer Association
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Delivering Nutrition to Cancer Patients
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