Whether there is a global crisis or times are calm, pets need you on their side.

Now, more than ever, Connecticut pets need you

Imagine living on the streets and not being able to hear. Not hearing fast cars zooming by you. Not hearing other, bigger animals lurking nearby.

That was Butler’s life.

He was deaf and alone outside in the summer heat. And, the Chihuahua mix was tiny - just 8 pounds, out there fending for himself.

A local animal control officer found him and brought him to the municipal shelter. But no one came to claim this little guy. The 3-year-old pup was soon brought to the Connecticut Humane Society, the first step in the journey to becoming a beloved family member.

A journey that starts with you.

Your compassionate support provides pets in need with a safe haven, a soft bed, plenty of food and clean water, and medical care, too. But above all, your support gives them all the time they need.

Many pets like Butler arrive with special needs. Some have been in crisis, injured or sick, and others haven’t had a nutritious meal in who knows how long. Butler’s story before his rescue is a mystery – but his future was bright.

Soon, Butler got acquainted with his new human friends at CHS and learned he was safe. Instead of wandering the streets hot and thirsty, he always had cool water to drink. His paws didn’t hurt anymore from scorching hot pavement. He played in the grass and proved to be an energetic, happy boy. And fortunately for Butler, he didn’t need to wait too long before finding the perfect family.

Your support and the support from kind friends and neighbors make all those good things happen for pets like Butler.

This year has been incredibly difficult and has taken a tremendous toll on resources reserved for the most vulnerable pets to ensure their safety and well-being.

To give these precious pets whatever they need until they find a loving home with families who adore them, please support them through a gift to the Connecticut Humane Society.

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Connecticut Humane Society
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Butler's journey starts with you
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Michelle Green