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One might think that Meals on Wheels only feeds people. However, you would be incorrect. We are so much more than a meal. Most of our homebound friends live alone, no family near and unable to get around. We are their eyes and ears of the world. We are their friends. We hear them when they just need to talk and we’re the smile they need when they’ve seen no one else. We make certain they’re ok mentally, take notes of things that are not normal and seem to be of concern. We are their point of contact in cases of emergency. We feed their pets and provide them incontinent supplies. We celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays with them. We acknowledge the lives they lived prior and respect the ones they are living now.
Since 1974, Meals on Wheels has been a staple in our community and take pride in our accomplishments. Meals on Wheels have been awarded the Platinum Star from Guidestar, (which is the highest honor from the Non-profit equivalent to the BBB.) in recognition of their valiant efforts in being transparent and affective in their mission. MOW has been awarded the Distinguished Citizenship Award from the ELKS, HERO’S Among Us from Congressman Gus Bilirakis, a recipient of The Diamond Award for Non-Profit of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce multiple times. It is humbling to be recognized for caring about our community and our homebound friends. It seems so simple!
Our volunteers and staff will tell you that this service and experience is 99% positive and rewarding, however there’s always that 1% that isn’t. We’ve been the ones that have had to stay until emergency officials have arrived because someone has fallen or is incapacitated. We’ve been witnesses to deplorable living conditions and had to make calls with uncertain outcomes to report such instances. And then there are the inevitable times when dealing with illnesses and seniors that we arrive to find that our “friend” had passed away, alone and no one missed them. Those are the worst, but never a deterrent.
We LOVE what we do and will continue do so with love in our hearts for those that need us. No one wants to be alone or die alone and it is heartbreaking to have a client ask (when I asked if there was anything else I could do for her) “Can you help me find a friend?”
Your support will help us continue our mission and open our Community Center. This center is designed to engage and promote both mental and physical health as well as provide resources to anyone in need of financial, emotional or physical support.
We thank you!

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