1 million scholarships awarded to Florida children!

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This video is a 1-minute compilation of a few students and parents saying thank you to our supporters. We recently awarded our one-millionth scholarship and coordinating resources, so we've been celebrating this summer! We are looking forward to awarding one million more scholarships and helping more vulnerable school children, but can't do it without your help. Below is the transcript of the video, which is now captioned for accessibility:

My name is Isabella Leon and I've been attending Boca Raton Christian school since kindergarten due to the Step Up For Students scholarship program. Due to the scholarships, my brothers and I have been able to afford a Christian college preparatory school that we would never be allowed to even fathom going to.

My name is Hudson Adams and finally, I'm in the 10th grade. I've been getting this scholarship for four years. It changed my life because I'm on the spectrum and I really need it because I could not make it in public school.

My Step Up scholarship changed my life! Without you guys, I couldn't do it. Thank you guys!

When we found out our son was going to be awarded a Step Up For Students scholarship, we were overjoyed. It was a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders knowing we were going to be able to provide our son with a quality education from the comforts of our home when he was at his sickest. We will be forever grateful for Step Up!