In 2019 We Had a BIG Year!

Charity Name
Global Fund for Children

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(upbeat music plays)
[on screen text: Global Fund for Children]
[video of a little girl smiling] [on screen text: had a big year.]
[video of an animated globe] [on screen text: We partnered with]
[video of numbers appearing] [on screen text: 123]
[video of two girls smiling] [on screen text: community-led organizations,]
[video of people playing soccer] [on screen text: including 35 new partners.]
[video of an animated lightbulb] [on screen text: we found people with BIG ideas,]
[video of animated lightbulb bouncing [on screen text: and gave $2.1 million in cash grants]
[video of students in a classroom] [on screen text: to help them succeed.]
[video of a group of children smiling] [on screen text: Number of smiles?]
[video of animated smiley faces] [on screen text: Too many to count.]
(children’s laughter in the background]
[Global Fund for Children’s logo appears]