2020 Overview

Charity Name
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

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[music plays]
Black and white photos appear with text on screen:
Text: UMCOR 2020 – Year in Review
Photo: people in masks delivering supplies
Text: 133 grants awarded – totaling more than $8 million
Photo: someone clearing a fallen tree and disaster debris
Text: 324,636 people served
Photo: people carrying supplies wearing masks, a man washing his hands
Text: 55 disasters responded to worldwide
Photo: people clearing disaster debris
Text: 1,755 people trained in disaster response
Photo: people wearing masks, an educator leading a training
Text: migrants supported in 9 countries
Photo: a crowd of people walking along a road
Text: 17,834 people provided a water source
Photo: a boy standing at a sink smiling
Text: hundreds of farmers helped with food security
Photo: people collecting crops
Text: $2.2 million raised for people affected by COVID-19
Photo: people wearing masks delivering supplies
Black screen with on screen text: Because of you – Thank You [music fades]
Black screen with text: Support UMCOR and the UMCOR logo appears. Photo credit and music credit list appears.