2021 Build a Better World for Children

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Save the Children

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[music plays]
Text appears on screen while video footage plays in the background:
In 2021 we are going to build a better world for children
Footage of a man walking, a child walking, a girl herding goats, a girl walking,
We will
Footage of a girl walking to school,
Get millions of children back into education
Footage of students sitting on a bus learning from their teacher
Provide lifelines for struggling families
Footage of aid workers passing bags and delivering supplies
And help for hungry children.
Footage of families sitting down to dinner,
We’ll make sure that children can stay healthy
Footage of a health center for women, a woman talking to a doctor, a child putting a mask on her stuff animal
And we’ll keep them safe
Footage of aid workers delivering supplies, a girl looking out over tents, a worker educating kids at home,
So they can focus on
Footage of a small child looking at the camera,
Dreaming (footage of a child flying a kite, blowing on a dandelion)
Playing (footage of kids doing cartwheels, kids laughing)
Laughing (footage of more kids laughing and smiling)
Singing (footage of kids at school clapping and singing)
Dancing (footage of kids dancing)
Learning (footage of students writing)
And just being kids again (footage of children smiling at the camera)
Red screen with the text: Join Us and the Save the Children logo appears