52104 Stand Down Together Huntsville Video CFC Virtual Charity Fair

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Stand Down Together Huntsville, Inc.

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CFC Number

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Speaker introduces herself and describes the mission of the organization with some detail. Also mentioned are Stand Down events held by the organization. The Charity number is stated and speaker thanks viewer for stopping by.

Captions: Table with banner and items for veterans. Woman standing against green wall and speaking. Subtitles: Hi, I’m Janine Jordan, a campaign veteran and board member of Stand Down Together Huntsville. Our mission is to connect with homeless and at-risk veterans to enable them to overcome hardships to become independent members of society. We will send for military records and assist them with applying for benefits. We will also furnish clothing for job interviews., a sleeping bag, household goods, groceries, personal hygiene items, and transportation. We also host 1 to 3 day events called Stand Downs; they give veterans access to community resources that will help them resolve their issues. Our CFC Charity number is 52104. Thank you so much for stopping by! Caption: Business Card.