9 Ways You Helped us Build A Healthier World

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A light blue and white background with the Project HOPE logo and website projecthope.org sits as the on screen text appears:
When the world needed HOPE, you were there. Here are 9 ways you helped us build a healthier world.
1 You helped us deliver 11 million pieces of PPE and train 83,000 health care workers to treat COVID-19.
(graphics like face masks and virus)
2 You helped over 200,000 people in the wake of the disaster.
(image of masked people wearing Project HOPE t-shirts)
3 You helped us reach 170,000 mothers, newborns, and young children. A health future starts with access to care.
(image of a woman holding her child)
4 You helped us reach 564,000 people affected HIV/AIDS.
(image of someone pricking a finger for testing)
5 You helped girls in Namibia start a business selling masks to protect their community.
(image of women sewing masks)
6 You helped us screen tens of thousands of people for disease.
(graphics of testing and health care images)
7 You helped us deliver mental health support to the front lines of COVID-19.
(image of a masked healthcare worker)
8 You helped young people in Mexico build a future free of noncommunicable disease.
(image of a health education course)
9 You helped us deploy expert medical volunteers across the U.S>
(image of a health care worker)
THANK YOU. Together, we helped nearly 1 million people around the world this year.
Blue screen appears with the Project HOPE logo and website projecthope.org